NBA submits memo to SC with scores of demands


The Nepal Bar Association on Thrusday submitted a memorandum to the Supreme Court seeking reforms in the judiciary, including an end to the current practice of disposing some constitutional issues only after the validity of the issues ends.

The lawyers’ umbrella body said that the trend of keeping some constitutional cases sub judice for long raised question over the independence and prestige of judiciary, and therefore, it should be rectified.

NBA also said that the courts in the Kathmandu Valley should designate one day in a week for writing verdicts. The lawyers’ umbrella body said that action should be taken against court staff if they are found charging extra money from the clients for providing them the photocopies of court documents and fixing hearing dates in their cases.

NBA said that the current practice of assigning certain cases only to certain judges should end, as it was encouraging anomalies in the judiciary.

NBA also demanded action against go-betweens who exploit the clients.

The lawyers’ umbrella body has demanded that the remaining posts of permanent justices of the Supreme Court be filled immediately.

It said that fresh appointment of the district court judges should be done only after the promulgation of the new constitution.

NBA has asked the SC to discourage the tendency of marking the case as ‘hearing continuing’ and  ‘verdicts to be delivered.’

It also said that some precedents set by some benches of the apex court contradicted the precedents of other benches and the apex court should make efforts to bring uniformity in its precedents.