NC leaders, lawmakers for pluralism in constitution

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) leaders and lawmakers have suggested that the party leadership should firmly stand for pluralism to institutionalise the norms and values of democracy.

At a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Party (PP) and Central Working Committee members today, the NC lawmakers and leaders said that the current achievements in the constitution writing should be linked to peace and stability of the country.

They also expressed happiness to the unveiling of the first draft of the new constitution after long efforts.

The NC leaders and lawmakers also suggested writing religious freedom instead of secularism in the new constitution, arguing that the concept of religious freedom would not prevent others.

During the meeting, some of the leaders also said that the party leadership should pay more attention to make the issues of proportional inclusion further effective.

However, some leaders said that constitution writing should be forwarded by considering the Supreme Court’s directive, and after finalising the naming and delineation of the states.

Lawmakers Bal Krishna Khand, Sita Gurung, Dipak Giri and 13 others put forth their opinions on the preliminary draft of the new constitution.

After the meeting, NC spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu said that the party lawmakers and leaders expressed their opinions to promulgate the full-fledged constitution and bring it only by sorting out the issue of federalism.

The meeting shall hold on Monday as well.