NC’s responsibility is to safeguard statute: Deuba


Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba today said the NC had shouldered the main responsibility of safeguarding the constitution and promoting the federal democratic republic.

He said he recognised the democratic constitution as the chief medium for reconciliation among people from mountains, hills and Tarai-Madhes.

The former prime minister was speaking at a function organised here by the party’s Information, Communications and Publicity Department on the occasion of National Unity and Reconciliation Day.

Stating that the NC had launched a nationwide protest against the dissolution of the House of Representatives, he said protection of the rights of people was the main goal of the reconciliation policy.

The NC observes the National Unity and Reconciliation Day on Poush 16 (December 31) of the Nepali Calendar when the party’s founding president BP Koirala, along with other leaders came back home following a long exile in neighbouring India.

“Ideas of national unity and reconciliation adopted by BP Koirala in 1976 after returning home from his political exile in India are still very relevant. The main constituents of reconciliation are people’s rights and democracy,” he said.