Need of the hour is dialogue

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 9:

As the government deadline for the Maoists to come to talks nears, The Himalayan Times continued its survey to know the views of a cross-section of society . Excerpts:

Ganga Shakya, student Dialogue is important. The government, the King and the Maoists need to be serious considering the situation of the country. The sense of insecurity should be ended and everyone should work for peace.

Bhante Nepa, monk

Nepalis want peace. Our actions speak louder than words. Mere words are not enough to bring peace. Willingness to sit for talks should be reflected in the action of political leaders. The present conflict is futile. All should be united to solve the problems facing the country. It is important to understand that we are going nowhere.

Garib Khan, businessman

Dialogue is a must. Serious preparation should be done before holding talks. All the political actors should be serious about it and support the peace process. The government should be flexible on agendas and the Maoists should make practical


Sabina Shakya, student

Many children in rural areas are deprived of the right to education due to security reasons. This is shaking our confidence. Why aren’t the responsible bodies taking it seriously?

Sanjeet Krishna Shrestha, doctor

There is no alternative to peace talks. Why are we prolonging the conflict? The conflict will only add more deaths and hamper development. The conflict will turn Nepal into a failed state. Therefore,

talks should be held as soon as possible but with adequate homework.

Birendra Prasad Kurmi, mason

We need peace. Our efforts should be concentrated in bringing peace. Flexibility is needed to make peace talks a success. If the Maoists demand a constitution assembly, it should also be considered. Frequent bandhs and blockades are making the life of daily wage earners difficult.

Kanchi Karki, street vendor

It would have been wonderful if there were peace in the country. Serious thought should be given to bring in peace. People are displaced from their villages due to security reasons though cities are not safe either.

Anin Kumar Rana, priest

The government and the Maoists should make equal efforts to restore peace in the country. The people in the villages are facing difficulties. It is the responsibility of everyone to work for peace. Since the King appointed the PM, he should either advise or command him to hold talks.

Krishna Maharjan, newspaper seller

The Maoists and the security forces are Nepalis. They are fighting with each other. We are facing problems. We cannot rea-ch anywhere unless peace is restored. All should be united to make peace talks a success. badhs affect wage earners like us.

Uma Thapaliya, tempo-driver

Peace talks will bring everything back on the right track. The King has to understand the agitations in the streets and the Maoists. The Maoists also need to understand the problem of the people.