Nepal, India should move ahead together: Leaders


KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli said that the geographical, cultural, natural, economical and environmental ties between Nepal and India have further consolidated the political ties between the two countries.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised at the Reporters' Club in Capital on the eve of the 69th Independence Day of India today, Oli said that the bond between the two countries has existed in the peoples’ level since centuries.

Lauding India's support to Nepal during the April 25 earthquake as 'commendable', Oli suggested that if there were any issue with neighbouring India, it should be resolved at the political level.

"We do not go by rumours, rather we consider those statements coming through the official channels of the Indian leadership," Oli clarified. He also spoke of the need for Nepal to move ahead simultaneously in the path of rapid development with India.

Also speaking at the programme, Nepali Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Paudel stated that Nepal and India shared interdependent relationship since Vedic-time. Citing an example, Paudel shared that Nepalis had contributed to India's independence movement while Indian reciprocated in the similar manner in many political movements in Nepal.

"BP Koirala, Manmohan Singh and Kishun ji among other Nepali leaders were jailed in India for their involvement in India's independence movement. likewise, Nepal's first people's movement saw success after Chandra Shekhar and other Indian leaders supported the cause," Paudel added.

On a different note, Vice-President Paudel said that it was normal to hear the dissenting voices as the country was adopting federal setup for the first time. "We will move ahead by resolving the issues of demarcation," he reaffirmed.

Similarly, UCPN-Maoist Politburo Member Ram Karki said that relationship between Nepal and India was at people-to-people level. He cited that Nepali language had received national recognition in India.

"We need more goodwill and cooperation from India at this crucial time of constitution promulgation," Karki added.

Likewise, Rastriya Prajatantra Party leader and former minister Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani spoke of the need for Nepal to imitate the India's economic progress as India was rapidly moving ahead economically.

Similarly, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae said that Nepal and India had established relationship at people-to-people level since the ancient time. He was of the opinion that the bond between these two countries has further grown steadfast with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Nepal visits.

Stating that the youth were the pillar of strength for country's development, the Indian Ambassador said that it was inevitable to mobilise youth for the progress in the economic sector.

"If there is any issue between the two countries, we must address it through mutual understanding rather that aggravating it," he stated.