Nepal unveils 32-pt policy

Kathmandu, July 28:

Minister for Education and Sports Pradip Nepal today made public a 32-point policy for the

fiscal year 2007/08 and highlighted the budgetary allocations.

Altogether 104,000 people would be made literate, 50,000 more would be provided with post-literacy education and income-generation and post-literacy programmes would be conducted for the benefit of more than 8,000 people comprising women, Dalit and indigenous


The Minister, however, complained that the budget of Rs 28.39 million for his ministry was much below than his demand for 20 per cent of the total budget.

The government has also planned to provide subsidies for appointment of 8,000 teachers at the primary level, 2,500 teachers at the lower secondary level and 1,500 teachers at the secondary level at the community-managed schools or those which are in the process to be handed over.