Nepalaya to launch its first biz-economy book, Sujeev Shakya’s Arthat Arthatantra, on May 12

KATHMANDU: Nepalaya Books is launching its first publication in the Business and Economy genre, Arthat Arthatantra, authored by Sujeev Shakya on May 12.

According to a statement released on May 4, the book has been woven in a colloquial style, making it easy to understand for a layman. Contrary to technically heavy books written on economy, ‘Arthat Arthatantra’ explains complex economic issues in a simple and comprehensible manner, as per the statement.

Shakya’s previous book on Nepal’s economy ‘Unleashing Nepal’ was published in English by Penguin. Arthat Arthatantra, an analytical comment on Nepal’s economic history and current fiscal trends, will be his first book in Nepali.

Shakya starts his book with reference to Prithvi Narayan Shah and economist Adam Smith’s co-existence in the same period, their individual impacts and legacy in their sphere of influence and the way it paved for Nepal’s Economy in a longer run. He then goes on to dissect and analyse various other areas of Nepali Economy.

A management consultant by profession, Sujeev Shakya is an economic writer and a commentator. He also chairs Nepal’s Economic Forum, a credited forum run by the private sector.

Shakya has written the book, priced at Rs 475, in association with Maina Dhital.