Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has called on airline companies -- not currently in operation and that have not paid their dues for a number of years -- to clear the pending amount within 30 days.

CAAN has pressed such airline companies, through a public notice issued today, to clear their outstanding service charges and royalty amounts.

Eleven airline companies operating domestic flights, not presently in operation, have outstanding dues of around Rs 90 million, as per the aviation authority.

The Authority has asked the airline companies, which have failed to pay their dues despite multiple notices, to clear the amount that they owe within 30 days from the publication of its latest notice. However, the airlines have been asked to furnish any evidence that could release them from paying the amount.

CAAN has alerted that the proprietors of companies failing to clear their dues within the stipulated time would be blacklisted and not be eligible for any further business activities.

The notice further calls on other airline companies and concerned parties to clear their dues without the need for publication of any such notices.