New rules prioritise work for unemployed in construction projects

Kathmandu, January 18

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration issued a circular to all local levels yesterday, directing them to coordinate with construction entrepreneurs to give priority to unemployed persons listed in the Employment Service Centre.

According to the Public Procurement (Ninth Amendment) Rules-2019, construction entrepreneurs responsible for public construction projects shall accord priority to unemployed persons listed in ESC for work. According to the circular, the provision is expected to contribute to the Prime Minister Employment Programme, which envisages providing work to unemployed citizens.

The federal government facilitates and coordinates functioning of the ESC. As per the existing law, an unemployed person, who wants to be involved in minimum employment programme, may submit an application, mentioning his/her skills, qualification or capacity, to the concerned ESC office at local levels in the prescribed


The ESC will update and maintain the list of workers within its territory. An employer shall serve a notice, setting out the number of workers needed to the ESC. An employer may demand through the ESC such workers as needed for any work at the local level. After an employer has demanded workers, the ESC shall send the list of unemployed persons with their qualification, skills and experience, to the concerned employer for employment. The employer shall employ the person sent for employment with work as per his/her qualification. Such a person shall perform the work assigned by the employer. Rate of daily wage shall be as prescribed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.