New US embassy building inaugurated

Kathmandu, July 11:

The new US embassy complex, built on six acres of land at Maharajgunj, is scheduled to open for business at the end of August. The outgoing US envoy to Nepal, James F Moriarty, formally dedicated the new US Embassy complex today in a ceremony that had Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala as the chief guest.

Koirala said he was saddened by the YCL’s attack on Moriarty.

Koirala requested the envoy not to leave Nepal with the memory of the attack. The PM also termed Moriarty as “the US spokesperson for human rights and democracy in Nepal”. Moriarty said that the king does not have control over the military now.

Moriarty hoped that the CA polls will be held on the scheduled date. He said there should be improvement in law and order situation for the election.