NIC submits six-month report


Prime Minister Sushil Koirala today directed government secretaries and senior officials to disseminate information as guaranteed by constitution and law.

Speaking after releasing National Information Commission's six-month report, Prime Minister Koirala said that people’s right to information must be upheld.

The report released today is a compilation of tasks performed by the National Information Commission in the first six months of the commission led by Chief Commissioner Krishna Hari Baskota.

Stating that this is an information age and there should be transparency in every sector for the development of the country, he said, “Except five subjects that are protected by the law, the civil servants should provide information on other subjects to the public.”

Minendra Rijal, Minister for Information and Communications, said that there was the highest position of RTI in a democratic process so, except the information on issues related to national security and matter of privacy of an individual, information on all other issues should be disseminated.

NIC Chief Commissioner Baskota said that NIC had passed verdict or issued directives on 410 cases. The report is compilation of 32 tasks performed by NIC.