None can escape from responsibility of election, says Dahal

KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Centre Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today asserted that no one can escape from the responsibility of holding the elections.

Nepali Congress and the Maoist Centre had signed agreement on conducting the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies and thus enforcing the constitution.

"Both political parties are committed to standing by the agreement and living up to their promises," he said.

In his address to a meeting of the party-aligned All Nepal National Independent Students Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) central office bearers in the Capital today, the chair of the coalition partner in the NC-led government stated that the force which wanted to see the Maoist Centre's departure from the government was busy with spreading propaganda that the party was making its exit from the government.

"Some leaders from the Nepali Congress itself who don’t want to see the presence of the Maoist Centre in the government in the aftermath of the announcement of an electoral alliance among the leftist/ Communist parties and the process for the party unification spread the rumour that the party wished to exit from the government," Dahal said.

According to him, the party decided to stay in the government just to make the twin elections slated for late this year sure. “Otherwise, there seems no need for the party to be in the government. But the election must be held on the slated time and no compromise will be entertained regarding the timely elections.”

He said he was reported that preparations were on to give the role of just ad-hoc ministers to the Maoist Centre ministers or to remove them following the induction of four new ministers including RPP Chair Kamal Thapa in the government, adding that he was meeting with the Prime Minister on the same matter today to take a further decision.

Earlier, both parties agreed to continue the NC-led government until the elections and the Maoist-Centre was honest to the understanding.

He took the time to urge the people not to doubt over the preparations for the party unification which as he claimed for the launch of socialists revolution in the country.

He further expressed his hope that both parties – Maoist Centre and CPN UML – would reach to an understanding in regard with the sharing of first-past-the-post seats in the elections. Highlighted the significant role of students to make the elections successful, he sought their contribution to such historic events.

The meeting will take decisions on various issues relating to political and educational ones, as said by Union vice president Surendra Basnet.