NRA mulls integrated settlement in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has floated a proposal to develop an integrated settlement with multi-ownership in the dense area of Kathmandu Valley.

A meeting of the NRA held on Wednesday with the representatives of Kathmandu and Lalitpur Metropolis decided to raise the dwellings based on house pooling system, giving the reason that many houses damaged by the earthquake in Kathmandu Valley have not been reconstructed till now.

The Valley witnessed the damage of more than 100,000 houses during the 2015 quake. Only 20 per cent of such houses have been reconstructed so far.

NRA Chief Executive Officer Yuvaraj Bhushal informed that the meeting attended by the Mayors of Kathmandu and Lalitpur Metropolis decided to develop integrated dwelling based on house pooling.

"The meeting also formed a 5-member taskforce under the coordination of Joint Secretary at NRA, Raju Man Pradhan. It is assigned to conduct a study how the integrated settlement could be developed in the dense Kathmandu Valley, and submit a report within 15 days," he added.

Former Director General at Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Surya Bhakta Sangachhe, has been picked for assisting the study taskforce.

During the meeting, Sangachhe had also presented a working paper on how the integrated settlement could be raised.