NRA to support Bungmati locals

Kathmandu, October 6

The National Reconstruction Authority today decided to provide additional financial support of Rs 50,000 per household to repair houses built in traditional style, in Bungmati, a historic Newari settlement in Lalitpur district.

NRA financial support will be provided to rebuild houses damaged during the 2015 earthquakes

NRA announced the aid after locals decided to rebuild their damaged houses in traditional style.

Of the total 850 traditional houses that were destroyed in the earthquake, some 593 house owners have pledged in writing to rebuild their houses in traditional style.

The support was declared at the first annual general meeting of Bungmati Area Reconstruction and Development Council, which was formed to undertake the reconstruction project.

The council is also receiving support from various organisations to undertake the project, including UN Habitat Nepal.

“Although the additional fund is not a big amount, we have taken the support provided by NRA very positively as it may encourage other organisations to extend helping hands in this regard,” said coordinator of BARDC Padma Sundar Joshi.

Joshi said that the reconstruction guideline had been finalised and all the retrieved doors and windows would be used after repairing and renovating them.

“We are trying to rebuild the entire area keeping the traditional style intact and will develop the area as a model heritage city in Kathmandu valley.

Announcing the support, Chief Executive Officer of NRA Sushil Gyawali said rebuilding Bungmati in traditional style would encourage the people of other settlements to follow suit.

Lawmaker Pampha Bhusal, who represents the area in the Parliament, appreciated the efforts of National Reconstruction Authority and locals to rebuild the houses in traditional style.