NSU locks up TU principal’s office

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 1:

Varsity says agreement reached with students’ body.

The Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) and the Tribhuvan University Committee (TUC) locked the TU principal’s office today as a mark of protest against the administration’s indifference towards problems faced by the students and for ignoring the students’ request, states an NSU statement issued today. The NSU and TUC have said the TU administration indulged in one-sided decisions that were not transparent regarding the workings of the campus. The statement has charged the administration for not providing basic facilities like water, electricity and telephone and failing to recruit warden and other staff for the Kanti hostel.

It added the administration had ignored the agreement reached with the students’ association of Ishwori Girls Hostel and taken in hostellers without providing the basic facilities. It also blamed the administration for not implementing previous agreements and not taking any step to improve the irregularities in the campus.

According to the statement, though the Emergency has been lifted, the administration is mum on the security forces’ free access to the campus and their free mobility therein. It has also highlighted the fact about cattle grazing on the campus premises. However, a statement also released today by the TU Principal’s office, said that an agreement has been reached to address the issues raised by the students’ 14-point demand. According to the statement, it was agreed the TU administration would consult the students’ body and continue with development work within a week, make public the fees, provide basic facilities like water, electricity and set up card phones in Kanti hostel, request that security forces be removed from campus premises, remind the FSU to examine its yearly account via a letter, and equip the Ishwori Girls Hostel with basic facilities soon.