NSU to fight for ‘total democracy’

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, May 9:

Nepal Students Union (NSU) today stated that the seven major political parties should stay united with their common agenda till democracy is restored.

“NSU will raise its voice for total democracy which presses for inclusion of the royal family and the Royal Nepalese Army under the constitution,” said Badri Pandey, acting NSU president during a press conference held here today.

“We will announce a decisive protest programme against the February 1 royal takeover very soon,” said Pandey adding: “The movement will gain momentum in due time.”

NSU, after its central committee meeting held on May 7, today announced its concept on the present political scenario.

The meeting has condemned the inhumane behavior meted out to the political detainees in custody and the states’ down right disobeying of the Supreme Court’s verdict to free them.

NSU also denounced the formation of Royal Commission for Corruption Control labelling its existence as unconstitutional. “The shoot out at the Kanchanpur case needs to be investigated and the action should be taken against the culprit,” stated the concept paper.

The presence of increasing number of security forces in the campus premises should

be stopped and the government should let students involve in all educational and political activities.

“The security forces should be removed from all the educational institutions and create good teaching and learning environment,” said Pandey.

NSU also condemned the arrest of Raj Kumar Dhungana, Free Students’ Union secretary at Pashupati Multiple Campus, Chabahil, who was collecting the relief fund for the fire victims of Okhaldhunga and demanded his immediate release.

The student leaders also have agreed to launch the new movement with the theme ‘Progressive Union and Decisive Movement’.

NSU leader Pandey said there is a probability to include Nepal Revolutionary Students Union to the students’ alliance because its parent organisation has joined the alliance of the seven parties.