Number of mental health patients rising

  • Deaths linked to depression and other mental problems have gone up 

Kathmandu, December 15

The number of patients suffering from mental health problems is rising in the country.

According to Lagankhel-based Mental Hospital, the number of patients suffering from mental health problems has almost doubled in the last 10 years.

Awareness among people of mental health problems and unavailability of mental health services in other parts of the country are the causes of increasing number of mental health patients visiting the hospital, said Dr Devrat Joshi, associate professor of psychiatry at the hospital.

Substance abuse, growing frustration due to political instability, unemployment, failure in exams, financial problems, extramarital affairs and complex modern lifestyle are some of factors causing mental health problems added Dr Joshi.

Similarly, suicide rate in the country has gone up over the last three years with the majority of deaths linked to depression and other mental health problems, according to a report published by Nepal Police. The report says a total of 5,124 people committed suicide in the fiscal 2016/17, while the number of suicides stood at 4,332 in the fiscal 2014/15. The number was 4,673 in the fiscal 2015/16. Most of them committed suicide by hanging themselves, while others have committed suicide by consuming poison, jumping from buildings and drowning.