Operation Tiger to catch non-performing cops

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police (NP) has implemented ‘Operation Tiger’ to punish men and women in service for denying or failing to perform their duties in line with the Special Security Plan 2009.

Since this squad came into operation on March 14, the police have initiated action against four duty officers on charges of failing to perform while on duty.

Sub-inspector at the Metropolitan Police Sector, Balambu, Data

Ram Adhikari, Sub-inspector at the police post at Nagdhunga Arun Prasad Uprety, Sub-inspector Ranjan Bahadur Swar of

the Metropolitan Traffic Police

Division, Nagdhunga and

Assistant Sub-inspector Amrit

Kumar Vadel of the Metropolitan Police Sector, Thankot, are

currently facing the music for

the same.

“Four others are also under investigation,” spokesperson at the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office and SSP Madhav Kumar Nepal said today. “If proved guilty they will face action as well.”

Actions will include delayed promotions and deprivation

of training and exposure opportunities abroad, Nepal said.

Nepal Police has implemented

the SSP-2009 for the Kathmandu valley, covering Bhaktapur

and Lalitpur.

This plan was implemented with a view to monitoring closely and controlling every criminal activity. It takes into account the important role, which each working sector of NP needs to play. If any official is found to be weak or non-performing as per the plan, he/she will be penalised, Nepal added. The operation’s in-charge is Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ramesh Chand Thakuri.

Since November 16, 2009, the police department has also suspended 11 officials for not responding well while on duty and who were found incapable of implementing the SSP, Nepal said.

Common people have welcomed the police move.

“It has always been our tradition to blame and punish only those who don’t have power, but now Operation Tiger is here to punish even those who have power but are wrong. No one is above the law and this kind of operation should be implemented in other organisations too,” Rajuwa Shrestha, who owns a small tea shop in Battisputali, said today.