As Nepal is currently grappling with the second wave of the COVID-19 cases, Kathmandu valley has turned into a hotspot with sharp spike in reported number of infections.

On Saturday, 872 cases of the infection had been reported in the valley only to be one upped by exponential rise the following day as the district reported 1,498 cases.

Today, 1,912 cases have been reported in the valley which is more than half of the cases of Monday's national COVID-19 tally of 3,442 cases.

Kathmandu district has become the most affected district among the three districts and makes up for more than 80 percent of those freshly reported cases of the infection. The capital has been reporting the highest number of daily infections while having the most number of active cases in the country.

The Nepali people had barely taken a sigh a relief with slowing signs of the first wave of the pandemic when the looming second wave, which experts foresee as much worse than the prior one, early signs suggesting so too, has begun disrupting normal life yet again.