PADT accused of encroaching on Kapali community’s graveyard

Kathmandu, June 10

Rameshwar Manab, 68, a member of Kapali community, appeared sad watching trucks and other vehicles passing through the graveyard at Bankali inside Pashupati area where his son was buried some four months ago.

There are about 60 households living in the area. They bury their dead, but due to encroachment of the graveyard, they are having difficulty performing the final rites of their deceased family members.

A delegation of Kapali community today met officials of Pashupati Area Development Trust and expressed their concern about the matter.

Kapali people accused the PADT of encroaching on the graveyard  by building electronic crematorium, Prasad Ghriha, timber depot and other buildings.

Chair of National Kapali Community Ratna Kapali said the graveyard spread in seven ropani land at Bankali as per the National Survey and Mapping in 1964. The area, however, was encroached upon time and again by various authorities until PADT in September 3, 2014 signed an agreement with Kapali people to provide around three ropani land for the graveyard.

“Instead of protecting our rights and implementing the agreement,  PADT is encroaching on the graveyard,” he added.

Member Secretary of PADT Pradeep Dhakal said the the agitating people had come to an agreement. “In addition to previously promised area, we have also promised to provide a two-room satal at the graveyard,” he added.