Kathmandu, December 31:

The committee formed this August to collect details of government-owned land within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has only been able to collect details of such land in five wards of the KMC so far.

One month ago, the government had given the committee three months more to come up with the details of the government-owned land.

“Owing to various difficulties, we could not accomplish our work on time, but we are doing our best to prepare details of all government-owned lands within the KMC,”said Gyanendra Karki, the convener of the committee, adding that over 45 ropanis of government-owned land is yet to be identified.

“It may take some three more months to collect the details because it is very difficult to obtain details from the Land Revenue Office. It takes our committee members around a week to collect details of government-owned land existing in one ward.”

According to Karki, as many as 181 ropanis and 12 aana of land has been found at five wards of the KMC.

According to Karki, many people have lodged complaints at the committee, alleging people of encroaching upon chunks of government-owned land. “But their charges are not backed

by solid proof.”

“We will submit a study report as soon as possible. Further action will be taken as per the

decision of the chief executive officer,” he said.

One month ago, the CEO gave the committee three more months to complete the study.

Karki said the committee will visit places from where people have filed complaints in order to find out the truth.