Parliament endorses proposal on Reconstruction Bill, 2015

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on Wednesday passed the proposal of the Bill Related to the Reconstruction of the Earthquake-affected Structures, 2015 with a majority.

Lawmakers, who want to register amendment proposals on the Bill, have three days to do so.

The proposal was presented in the Parliament meeting on Tuesday but could not get through because of a lack of quorum. So, the proposal was tabled today.

The Reconstruction Authority that had been set up for the post-earthquake reconstruction had lost its legality without the endorsement of the Bill.

At least 8,890 were killed, over 22,000 people were injured and properties worth billions of rupees were damaged by the April 25 'Gorkha Earthquake'.

The post-quake reconstruction has not picked up momentum as the Authority has not been able to carry out its works.

The government had tabled the Reconstruction Bill in the Legislature-Parliament on September 15.

The next meeting of the Legislature-Parliament will be held at 3 pm on September 19.