KATHMANDU: Speaker Onsari Gharti expressed her hope that the major political parties would soon be able to "wipe out bitterness" to resume the Parliamentary business.

During a programme organised by the Legislature-Parliament Secretariat on Effective Parliament and Public Relations today, Speaker Gharti said, "With the parties forging consensus, the Legislature-Parliament would get into the business soon."

"The major agenda before the nation and the political parties at present is the effective implementation of the Constitution," she underscored, adding, "To ensure political stability and economic prosperity, elections at all three levels must be held within the stipulated timeframe, which obviously needs parties' seriousness."

Similarly, Chief Whip of the CPN-UML, Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, stated that the constructive and creative criticism of press would help the Parliament and lawmakers be accountable to the public.

Likewise, Manohar Prasad Bhattarai, General Secretary at the Parliament Secretariat, claimed that once the political leaders, parties and lawmakers were active for the country, the Parliament would automatically be effective.

Chairman of Parliamentary Journalists' Society, Rajendra Phuyal, said the government and the Parliament too should respect the press that links them to the public.