Parliamentary taskforce submits report on labour bill

KATHMANDU: A nine-member task force headed by the Chairman of the International Relations and Labour Committee, Prabhu Sah, has submitted its report on the bill designed to amend and integrate laws relating to labour to the Committee today.

Now, the Committee will study the report and deliberate on the report in its next meeting to be held on April 2, according to Committee Chairman Shah.

While submitting the report, task force member Bharat Khadka spoke of the need to endorse the bill from the Parliament before the local level elections on May 14.

Similarly, parliamentarian Pemba Lama expressed her discontent over the report claiming it was prepared without consulting the parliamentarians who proposed the amendment to the bill.

Likewise, Secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Employment Laxman Mainali said that the bill would be amended to make the labour laws investment-friendly and labourber-friendly.

The bill would also take into account the international agreements and treaties Nepal is the signatory in its amendment, Secretary Mainali said.

The Committee had received the bill on October 23, 2016 and started clause-wise deliberations on it from January 26.