Photo expo on Nepalis sans citizenship

Kathmandu, October 23

A Photo Exhibition on ‘Citizen But?, Stories of eligible Nepalese deprived of citizenship’ was organised by Forum for Women, Law and Development today in Kathmandu.

Lack of citizenship certificates is depriving a certain number of Nepalis from fully integrating into society. They are deprived of employment opportunity, education and health facility, and facilities provided by the state.

Among hundreds of thousands victimised due to lack of citizenship certificates, 55 people shared their problems through the photo exhibition. There are many such characters in the country that are facing problems because they do not possess citizenship cards. The photo exhibition tried to portray their plight.

Sarita (name changed), said she couldn’t get a sim card because she did not have a citizenship certificate. “I do have a mobile number but the sim card is not mine. I borrowed it from others.” Likewise, Kumar (name changed) is facing problems getting citizenship card from his mother’s name. He said, “I have my father’s death certificate and my mother’s citizenship. The administration has kept me waiting due to different reasons and I have nor received citizenship card from my mother’s name.”

Anup Raj Sharma, president of Human Right Commission said the constitution has provisioned equal rights to all citizens. Soon after its full implementation, there won’t be such problems for any citizen. “Women have been provided with special rights in the constitution.”

Advocate Meera Dhungana said there were lots of stories and problems of eligible Nepalese deprived of citizenship in which the government needed to be more sensitive. The administration too must act soon to provide them their citizenship certificates. The exhibition will be held till 25 October.