PM directs action against those involved in alleging and abusing girl for practicing 'witchcraft'

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that he has directed action against those involved in physical abuse of Radha Chaudhary, alleging her of practicing 'witchcraft', in Kailali.

PM Oli informed about his directive through a tweet on Sunday.

कैलालीमा राधा चौधरीमाथि भएको कुटपिटमा संलग्नलाई कारवाहि गर्न निर्देशन दिइसकिएको छ । यस्तो जघन्य अपराधमा संलग्न जो कसैलाई पनि उन्मुक्ति हुन सक्दैन र दिइनेछैन । राधाको सम्पूर्ण उपचार खर्च सरकारले व्यहोर्नेछ र घटनाको छानबिन गरी दोषीमाथि कारवाही गर्नेछ ।

— K P Sharma Oli (@kpsharmaoli) March 11, 2018

Earlier on Thursday, 18-year-old Radha Chaudhary of Ghodaghodi Municipality was ruthlessly thrashed for six hours, accusing her of 'witchcraft'. After the incident, police arrested Ram Bahadur Chaudhary for his involvement, however, Chaudhary was released the same day.

Police released Chaudhary in presence of Ghodaghodi Municipality Head Mamta Prasad Chaudhary, Ward Chair Prem Rokaya and victim’s father Jokhan Chaudhary, after he agreed to provide medical treatment to the victim.

The Himalayan Times condemns every such act that violates a person's right to safety in the name of superstition.