KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Saturday reiterated that he had to dissolve the House of Representatives (HoR) due to lack of cooperation within the party for government's work in favour of the people. Addressing a gathering of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) cadres close to his faction, organised by the party's youth wing Rastriya Yuva Sangh Nepal in the capital city, PM Oli stated that the other faction was hindering the implementation of constitution and creating obstacles in appointments to the constitutional bodies. “The government was prevented from working, from making laws, and the parliamentary committee created problems for the government by obstructing submission of bill in the parliament. Therefore, I announced the mid-term elections to move forward by taking a fresh mandate as the country could not do so in the expected pace," said PM Oli. He noted that people from outside and within the party have panicked after the announcement of elections for the fresh mandate. Stating that some people were terming the government's decision of HoR dissolution as unconstitutional, the PM remarked that those who served in the Supreme Court should not threaten the judiciary. Going for a fresh people's mandate is never an anti-democratic move, he defended himself, further commenting that those fearing to test people's verdict are against democracy. He claimed that elections would be held in the stipulated date. "No one in the country should harbour a doubt regarding the elections." The Prime Minister further noted that the incumbent government would not invite any autocratic regime. Urging his party leaders and cadres to create a condusive environment for elections, PM Oli said those reluctant to work in favour of the country and people should stay aside. Also speaking on the occasion, former chair of the youth association Mahesh Basnet said, dissolving the parliament was a prerogative of the Prime Minister and there was no meaning in protesting the decision.

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