Oppositions will accept new amendment proposal, hopes PM

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Saturday revealed that the government already prepared a new Constitution amendment proposal, which he hopes that the main opposition, as well as agitating Madhes-centric parties, would agree on.

"I had prepared a new Constitution amendment bill just today," he said while addressing the 19th anniversary function of the Reporter's Club in the Capital, "This proposal is based on the discussions held with the Madhesi Front and the (main opposition) UML."

"Therefore, this will be a proposal of national unity. I am confident that those wishing fo the betterment of the nation and those for Constitution implementation and the elections will support it."

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the polls would be held on the scheduled date of May 14 and the agitating Madhesi parties would also take part in the elections.

Meanwhile, Dahal claimed that his government was working to expedite developments activities in Nepal and strengthen ties with friendly nations including neighbours India and China.