PM writes to VP to take oath in Nepali

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today wrote to Vice President Paramanda Jha requesting him to take an oath of office and secrecy in Nepali.

"I humbly request you to help protect democratic norms by implementing the recent order of the Supreme Court," read the PM's letter to the VP, who is required to take an oath in Nepali by Sunday as per the SC order.

It will be a government priority to pass the seventh amendment of the Interim Constitution once the House proceedings are smooth, the PM said in the letter. The amendment will allow the President and the Vice President also to take an oath in their mother tongue.

PM's press advisor Bishnu Rijal said the premier stated that all of them needed to take a concrete decision to implement the court order since people from all walks of life were expecting a courageous decision and determination in the regard. "As the country is in a transitional juncture, everyone is expecting implementation and protection of the constitution, keeping the dignity of the VP's post intact and respecting the SC's order as per democratic norms and values," said the PM in the letter.