Police launch new service to win hearts of general public

Kathmandu, January 23

Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari has launched an innovative service which provides citizens an immediate and hassle-free access to police units.

According to Deputy Inspector General Bishwaraj Pokharel, metropolitan police commissioner, the new service called Citizen Facilitation Service came into effect from yesterday at Metropolitan Police Crime Division, all metropolitan police ranges, circles and sectors under MPO, which commands security of Kathmandu valley.

As per this approach, there will be a police personnel standing at the entrance of each police unit to provide any service-seeker immediate access to the officer or section concerned to hear his/her problem.

These police personnel will act as citizen facilitators and wear a batch reading ‘citizen facilitator’ around their arms to ensure that service-seekers recognise him/her at the first sight. “It will not only make the police service simple, easy, decent, fair and transparent but will also bridge the gap between the public and police. It will ensure the presence of state for each citizen,” DIG Pokharel said.

This approach envisages making the process of lodging complaints hassle-free. The cop designated as a citizen facilitator will serve distraught service-seekers in a friendly manner.

Citizen facilitators have been trained to provide counselling and other services to citizens in professional manner.

According to MPO, the citizen facilitator will act as the first point of interaction between the service-seekers and police officers concerned.

“A citizen facilitator will provide information to service-seekers on how they can lodge a complaint,” DIG Pokharel said. The citizen facilitator is obliged to accord equal treatment to all service-seekers regardless of their caste, tribe, ethnicity, social background and position.

MPO has come up with the new concept to mend its ties with the public amid growing criticism about rude behaviour of police while dealing with public.

Earlier, in 2016, Nepal Police had launched ‘Police My Friend’ campaign throughout the country to narrow the gap between expectation of the public and services of the police.

Prior to that, the security body had put in place ‘Service with Smile’ campaign to reach out to the public.

Last year, Nepal Police adopted Community Police Partnership Programme as a strategy to maintain peace and security in society through systematic partnership between the security agency and people.

Scope of Community Police Partnership Programme entails a range of specific thematic issues of policing and community security.

They include community sensitisation and crime prevention, police-school liaison programmes, effective security coordination in local level service, instalment and expansion of technical security devices, including CCTV cameras, effective mobilisation of police, integrated mobilisation of volunteers, creative support of community in arresting absconding criminals, information exchange, data collection and update, and environmental protection and controlling exploitation of natural resources.

"A citizen facilitator will provide information on how victims can lodge complaint "