Police seize modern weapons in capital

Nabbed persons ‘linked’ to gangster Chhote Rajan

Kathmandu, March 18:

Police have seized a large cache of sophisticated arms and ammunition from a gang in the capital last night.

The police said it was the first time that they such a large number of arms from smugglers in the country. They also termed it as their biggest success in cracking down the arms smugglers as have also managed to nab three persons along with the weapons.

“I such such sophisticated weapons for the first time,” commented DIG Bharat GC, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office, Rani Pokhari, during a press conference organised here today.

The arrested are Ganesh Singh alias Tinku, 29, of Kolari VDC-1 of Saptari, Anil Baniya alias Vickie, 25, of Achalgadh VDC-2 of Sarlahi and Mukesh Kumar Das, 25, of Rajbiraj Municipality-1 of Saptari.

The weapons seized include two Short Machine Guns (SMG) with four magazines, an England-made gun with a silencer and two magazines, two pistols and one magazine, a US-made pistol with five magazines, one Italian-made pistol with two magazines and different kinds of bullets.

“These are very much powerful weapons, much more powerful than those being carried out by Nepal Police officers,” GC said. “Before you know what’s going on, people are gunned down with the use of guns equipped with silencers,” he explained.

Responding to the reporters’ query on how police could not trace such big weapons while they were smuggled into the Valley, GC said the cannot search each and every person.

He said police, however, successfully averted a possible loss of many lives by seizing the weapons.

According to GC preliminary interrogation had established that the arrested persons had a connection with the people of Chhote Rajan, a dreaded gangster in India.