Poll code of conduct for observers endorsed

Kathmandu, March 18

Election observers will not be allowed to reveal their findings and reports of election rigging to the press or any other entities or individuals before they officially publish their election monitoring reports.

This is one of the main provisions of the code of conduct for observers that the Election Commission endorsed today.

Election Commissioner Ila Sharma said barring election observers from revealing their findings, particularly reports of election rigging before their publication was necessary to stop adverse impact on the environment for elections.

She said the observers were, however, free to share their findings with the election offices and the Election Commission.

Sharma said there will only be Nepali observers for local polls slated for May 14.

The EC is also preparing to print ballot papers in six sizes for local level election. Although the date set by the EC to begin printing of ballot papers expired today, the process is started to begin in a day or two. Janak Education Materials Centre has been given the contract for printing ballot papers.