PPLA objects to Nepal Bar Association protest

KATHMANDU: The Progressive and Professional Lawyers' Association Nepal (PPLA) said its serious attention was drawn to the protest the Nepal Bar Association has made public over the issue of appointment of judges at High Courts.

Issuing a press release today, the PPLA General Secretary Ishwari Prasad Bhattarai expressed its objection to the appointment of judges to the various high courts from among the law practitioners citing political interference in it and that the principle of maintaining balance regarding professionalism, seniority, professional experience and inclusion was overlooked.

The PPLA also called for resolving the conflict between the Bar and the Supreme Court forthwith through dialogues.

It stated that a body like the Bar, an integral part of the judiciary, waging a movement against the decision of the Supreme Court was against norms and values of the judiciary and judicial independence as well as the dignity of the Nepal Bar Association itself.

The Nepal Bar Association had recently announced that it was boycotting the hearings at the Supreme Court in protest against the appointment of judges at the High Courts, which it said was done without following the due process.