President Bhandari honours ex-prez Yadav

Kathmandu, November 10 

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari today decorated former president Ram Baran Yadav with ‘Jana Aandolan Swarna Padak, 2074’ on the occasion of 103rd birth anniversary of late Nepali Congress leader Ganesh Man Singh.

The former president was honoured in recognition of the contribution he made in various stages of the peace process, for fostering unity between the people of mountain, hills and Tarai and also for shouldering the historic role of issuing the constitution of the federal republic of Nepal, according to Ganesh Man Singh and the People’s Movement Martyrs Peace Foundation.

Addressing the function, President Bhandari appealed to all to take part in the provincial and parliamentary elections. She also appreciated the commitment shown by the political parties in completing the elections at all three levels as stipulated by the constitution.

President Bhandari said that the elections would help maintain political stability in the country and consolidate the political achievements made so far. She also expressed her confidence that the successful holding of polls would steer the country towards social and economic transformation.

The role of the late Ganesh Man Singh was significant in fostering partnership among democrats, she added. “On this occasion, when the birth anniversary of late Ganesh Man Singh is being commemorated, it would be a true tribute to the late leader if we worked towards holding the elections to all levels within the time stipulated by the constitution,” she added.

Former president Yadav stressed on taking the country towards the path of economic prosperity through the full implementation of the constitution.

Defence Minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan said institutionalisation of democracy would be a true tribute to martyrs.