Press Council Nepal classifies 833 newspapers, magazines

Kathmandu, January 15

Press Council Nepal has categorised 10 national dailies and weeklies as 'A+ Class' newspapers.

PCN, a statutory body set up by the government to promote the standards of free press and to advise the government on matters relating to the development of healthy and credible journalism in the country, classifies newspapers and magazines on the basis of their circulation every fiscal.

The classification results recently published by Press Council Nepal  on the basis of the evaluation of newspapers and magazines catagorised The Himalayan Times and 12 other publications as 'A+ Class' newspapers and magazines.

It has developed a standard procedure and guidelines to evaluate newspapers and magazines for their classification.

After making the final classification, a report is submitted to the Ministry of Information and Communications for approval.

As many as 990 newspapers and magazines of national, regional and local level had filed applications for classification in 2015/16. Of them, 833 newspapers and magazines made through the classification while the 77 others failed to get listed.

Press Council Nepal said any newspaper or magazine dissatisfied with the results may file application seeking a review within January 21.