Prez Yadav receives Letters of Credence

KATHMANDU: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav on Wednesday received the Letters of Credence presented by Ambassadors of different countries.

At a special ceremony held at the office of the President at Sheetal Niwas, President Yadav received Letters of Credence from Alaina B Teplitz, Ambassador of the United States of America, Raul Ignacio Guastavino, Ambassador of Argentine Republic and Gennet Zewide, Ambassador of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Teplitz is a residential Ambassador while Ambassadors Guastavino and Zewide are based in New Delhi with concurrent accreditations to Nepal.

Minister for Health and Population Khagraj Adhikari, Chief of the Army Staff Rajendra Chhetri and Officiating Foreign Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi, among other officials were present on the occasion.