PM to visit Singapore for health check-up

Kathmandu, July 31

Prime Minister KP Oli is leaving for Singapore on August 3 for a routine health check-up. His health check-up will be done at National University Hospital.

Arun Sayami of the Institute of Medicine who has been conducting regular examinations on Oli said the prime minister was going for a regular check-up at the hospital.

An ultrasound-guided renal biopsy was conducted a few days ago on the prime minister to test the functioning of his kidneys. Though

the reports are yet to be issued his other medical tests including electrocardiogram (ECG) are normal.

There are traces of protein in his urine. Such problems are common in those who undergo renal transplant, said Sayami.

He has heart palpitations and fluctuating blood sugar. He will undergo some special medical tests there, said the doctor.

“We have suggested him to take rest for a few days as his schedule has been quite hectic,” said Sayami.

He is going to Singapore not because he is sick but because he has to undergo a routine check- up, said Kundan Aryal, PM Oli’s press advisor.

He will be accompanied by his wife Radhika Shakya along with other officials. The Cabinet will decide about the team that will accompany him, according to Aryal.

Oli, who underwent kidney transplant in 2007 in New Delhi, has regularly undergone routine health check-up in foreign capitals, including New Delhi.

Oli had undergone treatment at the Singapore based hospital where he was treated for an infectious swelling in his right hand in 2014.

He had also undergone health check-up at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok.