Kathmandu, December 12

The government has developed the Procedure for Special Grants to make necessary provisions regarding the grants to be provided to projects or programmes run by the provincial or local levels.

The government may provide special grants for any project or programme to be run by the provincial or local levels for educational development of areas with low literary rate, basic health services, water supply and uplift of groups or communities, equitable economic and social development, among others.

According to the procedure, special grants may also be provided to maintain balance among the local levels or provinces in terms of physical and human development, ensure food security in the areas with low food production, and manage waste by using modern technologies.

“No provincial or local levels shall be allowed to use the special grants in projects or programmes operated with equalisation, conditional and complementary grants or its own resources,” the procedure states. The benefits to be obtained from the projects or programmes, capacity of provincial or local levels to mobilise resources and their economic condition and need and priority for the projects or programmes shall be taken as the base while providing and determining the amount of special grants, it states.