Proletariats take up squatters’ cause

Kathmandu, December 28:

The All Nepal Proletariat Association today made public its three-month “promotion and empowerment of squatters and bonded labourers” campaign to manage land for squatters nationwide.

“The association will give government three months to fulfill its demands. If the government failed to do so, the association will forcibly take land for distribution to the landless,” said Deepak Rai, President, ANPA.

There are an estimated 4.3 million squatters in the country, ever increasing thanks to a lack of employment and growing population. Rai stated that it is every person’s right to get food, shelter, clothes and education. “More than fetching land, this campaign should be able to ensure that nobody’s rights are violated,” he added.

Rai stated that they would even go against the Maoists if their concerns were not addressed. He admitted that other parties’ nod would also be necessary for managing land for the squatters as the government was not a Maoist monopoly.

The three-month campaign is set to start in January.