Psychiatrists’ meet soon

Kathmandu, November 2:

Psychiatrists of South Asian countries are organising the second international conference of SAARC Psychiatrists Federation here from November 17 to November 19. The psychiatrists aim to share knowledge and information about mental health problems in South Asia.

Dr Kapil Dev Upadhyaya, chairman of the Psychiatrists Association of Nepal, said the participating psychiatrists will get to learn more about ways to cope with challenges.

“Thousands of people have been affected due to the conflict and many more are suffering from mental health problems. The conference will help us understand the problems and will find ways to solve them,” said Dr Upadhyaya.

The last SAARC psychiatrists meet was held in Agra, India, last year. The World Psychiatrists Association, Department of Psychiatrists and Mental Health, IoM, and Psychiatrists Association of Nepal are holding the meet.

‘Social, Conflict and mental health challenges to Psychiatrists’ is the theme of the conference. According to him, around 300 participants - around 60 psychiatrists from Pakistan, 60 from India and 30 from Nepal and the rest from other SAARC countries - will take part in the conference.

According to a survey, severe mental disorder is two to three per cent in general populations of countries across the world.