PU students to halt convocation day

KATHMANDU: The first batch students of Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Nepal Homeopathic Medical College (NHMC) affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU) today warned of halting the upcoming third Convocation Day of the University scheduled for September 14.

Students allege that the university has delayed issuing them the academic transcripts even after the completion of their course of study. Talking to The Himalayan Times today, Dr Sushil Devkota, a BHMS student and the coordinator of Prubanchal University’s Victim Students Struggle Committee (PUVSSC-NHMC) said,”First, the university said that the model of

the transcript was not finalised, second time, they said that the model was yet to be approved by the ministry and the excuses go on endlessly,” he said, adding, “If the university did not provide us our transcripts, we would not let the convocation happen this time.”

Devkota said, “We are not able to give our services

to patients who are ill or carry out practical field

studies in the absence of transcripts. We need to be registered in the Health Professionals Council and registration was not possible without transcripts.”