Lalitpur, January 22:

Executive Director of Radio Nepal, Ram Saran Karki today said radio programmes should be launched for the people of Karnali region for enhancing their living standard.

The function was jointly organised by a popular radio programme Sathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK) being broadcasted through various local radio stations throughout the nation by Equal Access - an NGO.

Speaking at the launch program of Manka Kura magazine and website named today, Karki said, “Addressing the Karnali people through such programmes would also be supportive to give them message on health and other social issues.”

He also said that the cooperation between Radio Nepal and SSMK would be helpful to reach more listeners.

Devendra Lal Shrestha, outreach coordinator of SSMK, said, “We have initiated publishing magazine to provide a platform for the listener clubs to share their activities and establish network between each other as well as documenting the activities of the members of the club.”

He further said: “The website is targeted to the listeners abroad to give information about adolescent issues.”

“Since the programme SSMK may not reach among many people due to the lack of radio sets, the magazine called Manka Kura would be effective to disseminate information to the youths around the nation,” said Khem Raj Sedhai, Editor of the magazine.