Rapper VTEN released on general date

KATHMANDU: Rapper Samir Ghising 'VTEN', who was arrested on Thursday for use of 'anti-social language' in a recent composition, has been released on general date today.

According to the Jawlakhel Metropolitan Police Range, Ghising was released from the range late on Friday evening. He was received by his father.

A team from Metropolitan Crime Division, Teku, had arrested him from Jhamsikhel on Thursday afternoon and later handed him over to the Jawlakhel range. There was no complaint filed against Ghising.

Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sahakul Thapa of MCD told THT Online on Thursday that Ghising was rounded up for the use of obscene lyrics in his popular composition “Hami yestai ta ho ni bro”. SSP Thapa added that the language in the song was so profane that it could not be listened to among family members.

Additionally, the rapper was accused of posting a photo donning a police uniform, smoking marijuana.

He was arrested on the grounds of spreading a negative social message and portraying a police officer in a derogatory manner, according to the police.

Jawlakhel Police Range refused to comment on our query about further action in this case.

Meanwhile, Rajiv Kaphle, an activist, shared a video of the rapper's release on Twitter.