Rayamajhi panel fails to submit report to PM

Kathmandu, November 17:

The High Level Investigation Commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi could not submit its report to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today as the PM was in Biratnagar.

Commission officials have been told the PM would receive the report probably on Monday. A majority of members of the commission had signed the report yesterday although two members of the commission — Ram Prasad Shrestha and Dr Kiran Shrestha — had refused to sign on the final report.

Rayamajhi had given a chance to the two members to sign on the report, but they did not attend office today.

“Rayamajhi had told us either to sign or submit a report separately but we had no time to prepare a separate report,” said Ram Kumar.

He has been accusing Rayamajhi and the majority group of trying to save the King, the former ministers, and the security chiefs as he claimed that the majority group does not want stringent action taken against them.

Ram Kumar is against the government’s acceptance of the report. According to him the report has no value. “Since its tenure expired yesterday, how can the government accept it as it has no legal validity today,” he said. Ram Kumar, representative of the NC who had, along with another member, Dr Kiran, walked out of the commission meeting yesterday, accused the majority group of adopting a discriminatory policy.

However, another NC representative in the commission, Harihar Birahi, said: “People will know the truth when the government makes the report public”.

The report has recommended the government to prosecute all the members of the erstwhile council of ministers led by King Gyanendra on charge of corruption.

But the report does not recommended prosecution of them on murder charge saying that they had not opened fire against anyone and their involvement cannot be established in court.

What the panel report says:

• Promulgation of law to take action against King, as he was found guilty in killing and suppression

• Recommendation to prosecute all members of the council of ministers in corruption case and promulgation of a law to prosecute them in human rights abuse case

• Prosecute Kamal Thapa and Shrish SJB Rana on corruption charge for misusing Rs 1.75 million and Rs 10 million of government money. (The Home Ministry had spent Rs 1.75 million and Army Headquarters spent Rs 2.75 million illegally without any bill)

• Prosecution of former Chief of Army Staff Pyar Jung Thapa for misusing Rs 2.75 million of government money.

• Prosecution under charge of murder against 15 security personnel