Remains of man found in debris

KATHMANDU: Remains of a man were found in Tokha on Tuesday while clearing debris of an eight-storey building that had collapsed in the April 25 earthquake. According to police, the remains discovered under the debris of Hilton Hotel were of Ram Kumar Lamichhane, 36, of Khanigaun, Nuwakot. He was missing since April 25. At least 8,880 persons, including 1,223 in Kathmandu, had lost their lives in the disaster, according to the Disaster Risk Reduction Portal maintained by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Monsoon gets weak

KATHMANDU: With the monsoon trough shifting towards the normal position, the rainfall activities throughout the country are likely to decrease for a few days, the Meteorological Forecasting Division said on Tuesday. A special weather forecast published by the MFD, however, informed that there are still chances of brief rain or thundershower activities in the afternoon and evening. Kathmandu received traces of rain while Dhangadi recorded highest rainfall (27.5mm) in the last 24 hours, according to MFD

Property gutted

KATHMANDU: Property worth around Rs 640,000 was gutted in a fire that engulfed a restaurant and an adjoining grocery store in Banglamukhi, Lalitpur, on Tuesday. The fire broke out from Newari Khaja Ghar of Nisha Kode and spread to the grocery store owned by Roshan Majhi. Kode and Majhi suffered a loss of Rs 340,000 and Rs 300,000 respectively. The fire was caused by a cooking gas leakage, police said. One person sustained a minor burn while trying to douse the fire.

Arms dealers paraded

KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj on Tuesday made two persons public, who were arrested on the charge of dealing in weapon last week. The detainees are Durga Singh Gurung of Syangja and Binod Kattel, 25, of Solukhumbu. Kattel, currently residing in Thankot, had borrowed Rs 100,000 from Gurung by keeping a pistol and five rounds of bullet as guarantee against the amount. Police had first held Gurung with the firearm and bullets before tracking down Gurung.