Retrofitting of Singha Durbar within a year: NRA

KATHMANDU: Retrofitting of north, east and southern parts of Singha Durbar, the main administrative hub of the country, would be completed within a year, the reconstruction authority said.

Built in 1908, the historic building was damaged by the Gorkha earthquake in 2015. Although retrofitting of north, east and south parts of the building has been underway for the past six months, retrofitting of the western part of the building has only recently been finalised.

According to the National Reconstruction Authority, study was underway on retrofitting the west part of Singha Durbar after receiving a preliminary report that retrofitting could be carried out on that side.

Joint-Secretary of NRA, Rajuman Manandhar said that Infrastructure Engineering Research and Consultant Pvt Ltd has been assigned to carry out further study about the retrofitting of the west part of the building.