KATHMANDU: The House of Representatives (HoR) of the Federal Parliament has unanimously passed the 'Right to Shelter Bill, 2075 BS' today.

Minister for Urban Development, Mohammad Ishtiak Rai, presented a proposal to this effect in today's meeting of the lower house. Prior to this, Minister Rai had presented a proposal seeking discussion on the Right to Shelter Bill along with the report of Development and Technology Committee of the parliament.

Taking part in the deliberations on the proposal, lawmaker Prem Suwal said, capital was being wasted in unproductive sector as people who already have a house in one place were constructing another house at a new place. He also cautioned the state against demolishing heritages, ancient settlements, and people's houses in the name of road expansion campaign.

Responding to lawmakers' queries, Minister Rai expressed commitment to abide by the laws related to construction of shelters including the building code.

The meeting approved the Committee's amendments and also incorporated them in the Bill.