The ongoing Unity General Convention of Rastriya Prajatantra Party has concluded with the election of Rajendra Lingden as its new chairperson.

In the tough 'battle' for the post of party chair, the election for which was held late on Saturday, Thapa lost to Lingden, marking the end of his years long chairmanship. Thapa secured 1618 votes against Lingden's 1,817.

Likewise, according to party sources, Dhawal Shumsher Rana has won the election for party secretary-general. Rana belongs to Lingden's panel.

Accepting his defeat, Thapa took to social media to congratulate Lingden. "

Meanwhile, he has also accused Nirmal Niwas (symbolic of former king Gyandendra Shah) of directly meddling in the internal affairs of a party, indicating the same as a cause for his defeat.