Renowned marathon runner of the country Baikuntha Manandhar and Ratna Tuladhar will run for peace from Kathmandu to Lumbini from May 20, on the occasion of the 2546th Buddha Jayanti.

The motto of the peace run is "Development and no destruction in the country,” and "Live as Nepali in Nepal,"

On the last day of the peace run, that is on the full moon day of Baishak, 125 thousand light will be lit at Lumbini for the peace and prosperity of the entire countrymen.

At a press conference here today, renowned Marathon runner Manandhar said that the peace running would help in creating awareness among the people to avoid the escalating cases of murder, violence and terror. He said that the distance to be run each day is 50 km on average and would reach Lumbini on the seventh day. Earlier the marathon legend Manandhar had run from Kathmandu to Muktinath on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday.