KATHMANDU: A Rusian woman has become the first woman climber in the world to successfully stand atop the world’s fourth highet mountain for the second time, officials said.

Oxana Morneva, the first Russian woman to climb Mt Lhotse, reached the summit point of Mt Lhotse on May 20 this season becoming the only woman in the world to scale the mountain for the second time, a base camp official said.

“Along with her husband Dorchi Sherpa, Oxana scled the 8516-metre peak at around 1:00 pm on May 20,” Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer at the base camp, confirmed. Oxana had climbed Mt Lhotse last year becoming the first Russian woman to climb the fourth highest peak.

“I reached the summit of Mt Lhotse for the second time,” Oxana shared with THT. According to her, she along with her husband Dorchi, Pasang Dorjee Sherpa and Pasang Lama struggled hard to reach the summit point this season.